Wanders in Košice


Obrazovo-textová publikácia – sprievodca mestom. Milan Kolcun ponúka 101 potuliek – krátkych príbehov o pamätihodnostiach mesta Košice These are the stories of the buildings and other curiosities in Košice, each in 3 minutes. You can start reading Wanders wherever you like, in the middle of the book, from page 1, anywhere. As they´ re short, you can read them wherever you are expected to wait for something (probably boring), or even in places where you are not expected (if you are the kind who reads to suprise others) Wanders don´t intend to be the most detailed, just preferably shorter. They dont pretend to be the most faithful historically, but preferably fascinating. They don´t mean to be very descriptive, so they just talk about interesting things which still exist today, and you can easily go and have a look at them in the city, or recall them in your own memory. To be on the safe side, though we´ve included photos. The narrative of a native of Košice is linked with the views of Košice´s best photographer Wanders do intend to be a manual for your walks around Košice. They want to inspire you as to where to go, they tell you why, and if need be also what you can get out of it. Or the other way round. With this book you can wander, without even budging from the spot. Wherever that might be.
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